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    Parshu Narayanan

    There is nothing new and nothing to be alarmed of in this report. We already know the Tejas Mark 1 and even the Mark 1A Jugaad is not up to scratch on all parameters – all of which have been publicly documented. This does not reduce the importance of the Tejas or the need to support its programme development into other future versions/platforms that may be under consideration. 123 is a good order base for future development. Let’s walk before we pull 9gs.
    This also does not mean our govt should undermine the need to have an aircraft that can give us credible air dominance – the current LCA would find it hard put to match a J10 let alone the aviary of J11/15s the PLAAF flies. But with a Meteor armed Gripen or an F16/70 its a whole new ball game – and when your Meteor/Asraam/R74/RVV-AE/Derby armed Aesa fitted F414 powered future DRDO platform is ready, India would have taken meaningful steps towards a viable home-designed weapon system.
    If we keep at it constantly, we may even acquire the holy grail of aero-engineering – a desi fighter engine that delivers. Cheen nu veykh. I hope we nincompoops – composed of brilliant individuals but a rotten system – can hold it together and make it work

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      What many clueless people don’t realize is that Tejas is still far from being an indigenous fighter since its very guts–engine, guns, radar, missiles–are foreign. We are far away from being self-reliant in these critical fields thanks to our superb DPSUs who have been in business for over half a century. Calling the shell of LCA as “indigenous” is a slap to all self-respecting Indians.

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    The liars in the IAF have given a presentation laden with half-truths to the Defence Ministry.

    1 ) The endurance mentioned is only of the Tejas Mark 1, which is only the 1st version. There is a Tejas Mark 1A under development by the HAL, which will reduce many hundreds of kgs of weight, that was used for testing. This will undoubtedly increase the Tejas’ range and endurance. And I’ve not even begun about the larger and more powerful Tejas Mark 2 . . . .

    2 ) The point about a lesser weapons payload of “only” 3 tons is also misleading. The Gripen E’s empty weight is about 7 tons. If it takes off with it’s own weight under it’s belly, then don’t expect it to fly deep into Pakistan, and come back. It will be so sluggish and guzzle so much fuel, that it can barely fly a few hundred kms from base, before being forced to turn back. That way, even the Tejas Mark 2 should be able to carry 6 to 7 tons of payload.

    3 ) The Tejas’ maintenance times will obviously be improved, as it sheds its caterpillar skin and is flown more often by the IAF, and refined to a higher and higher degree. The Su-30s that the IAF flies aren’t paragons of maintenance either.

    What is extremely sad here, that the IAF stayed feigned ignorance about the Teas Mk.1A and the upcoming Tejas Mk.2. This is tantamount to not just deceit, but also treason.

    The Ministry of Defence must next give a hearing to the DRDO, and ask them to rebut the points raised by the IAF. I’m sure they will.

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      You are partly right here, we must continue refining Tejas and it will be good for the aeronautical ecosystem that is in its infancy but showing signs of maturing gradually. The trouble is Tejas 2 is still a dream that is yet to materialize. So in that case, we will surely need a SEF as well to be ready for China’s vicious dreams for power. In short, we need both. So DRDO’s plans to draw curtains to SEF program are pointless.
      I am more concerned about the fighter cocktail we are going to have in 10 odd years, it is going to be logistical nightmare!

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        If China is the objective then FGFA is the right vehicle. IAF must own Tejas otherwise the ecosystem will never grow and the fighter will not take its rightful place in IAF inventory. Even whilst ADA and HAL improve Tejas from a feature perspective, rope in the pvt sector to improve it from a reliability perspective. It absolutely can be done.

        – Manne

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    Sudip Das

    Every country for self reliance develops a platform over years, look at GRIPEN and F-16, why IAF wants Tejas to be perfect in the first go,
    My apprehensions which I expressed in another post ( appointment of present defense minister) has been proved correct
    Make in India to destroy developed in India, shameless politicians supported by spineless experts from MOD


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