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    What benefit will another single engine fighter give us, beyond LCA (or LCA 1A)?

    I understand twin engine will double up as land based, as well as carrier platform.

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    Sudip Das

    What will be the benefits to India, if someone can explain ?

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    This is totally waste if India go for f16IN or Gripen NG then any government simply cheated his mother land and single drop of effort to earn by people to pay the Tax both this Plane have no future in coming year and they totally obsolete because every country in world try or all ready implemented the 5th Generation Fighter jet & working on 6th Generation Fighter Jet and most important most working on New sensor and counter measure for SAM system and if we go for Obsolete technology and Fighter get it means we have no future for upcoming war please share to government go for F35 lightiningII that’s the real money or go for Rafale Fighter jet Under true transfer of Technology which worth for Tex payer money jai hind Jai bharat maa

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    Since my childhood I have seen Paki F86 sabres flying over me and dropping bombs around and Indian Vampires trying to catch up while Ack Ack guns lit up the sky and those shells were falling in my house courtyard
    then came a day a few years later when things got closer and these Sabres dropped a 1000 pounder quite close to me (100 feet) as if all this was not enough also witnessed a Sabre chasing a SU 7 and shooting it down and I scurrying a few kilometers away to the site where the wreckage of SU was lying and retrieved a portion bearded jaw ( presumably a brave Khalsa pilot )
    Today i am old and frail and yet have been following progress of Tejas for almost a decade and have found no satisfactory answer or action being taken — one thing i fail to understand why we make a LIGHT combat aircraft/helicopter/Tank when we require bigger or heavier version.and when we make a heavier/bigger thing in this particular case the Arjun Tank it is on the verge of being rejection on and off.
    Not divulging fromt discussion of Tejas combat aircraft which we know is under powered/does not have adequate range and speed/or a respectable load of armaments how long are we going to continue — Now that we have gained adequate experience in aircraft construction — WHY dont we NOW made amends and make what we want a 46 to 49 feet by 30 to32 feet having 128 to 144 kn engine with the latest radars and missile (which we have already got/can buy)
    My SOLUTION and SUBMISSION is we must go for F 16 as we will get its 128 to 144 kn engine and other attachment (radars and missiles etc.) and as a FACE SAVING gimmick design a delta wing aircraft (the design of which is also available as F 16 XL ) it would be a huge improvement on Tejas
    i do not imply Tejas is not good but it has to be IMPROVED and this is the way out the Great indian JUGAAD


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