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    Ajay Singh

    I hope the Navy will be clear-headed and duly ambitious in its pursuit of IAC-2. Its a great idea to have more carriers, but to field a single engine fighter would be a mistake. IAC-2 must be designed to field a heavier, twin engine fighter that would have the necessary range and weapons load, and it must be in the 80000 ton class to be able to sport a substantial number. That would justify the expense of having more carriers … a smaller, more lightly-armed vessel would add little more in terms of basic capability.

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    Modern navies of today use only medium to heavy fighters, examples being Rafale marine, F-18 super hornets, Mig-29k, Su-33, J-15, F-35 B and C. All except the f-35 is twin engined for better survivability and increased payloads. The use of obsolete technology in an obsolete airframe, thats single engined and can carry only light payloads with under powered engines, with payloads becoming even lighter with planes going off a ski jump ramp with low fuel range is totally the opposite of current naval doctrine. It defeats the very purpose of fielding an aircraft carrier. Common Indian Navy, get real! Giver our naval aviators some real combat jets like the Rafale!


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