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    Vey shallow article. So many questions ;
    Once IAF rejigs its priorities! where did these planes stand ?
    Why is the light helicopter , a lifeline to our troops not in the lime light ? That should be highest priority as per common sense
    What about 100+ attack helicopters (Apaches, LCH and Rudra) Are they not force multipliers,is their procurement considered in air power of so many squadrons defined in 1960s ?
    Same with stand off weapons.
    What roles do we want these single engined planes to play ? meant for point defence , attack , SEAD , ground support ?
    What happens to MRO needed to be steup for these planes ?
    Will this manufacture be the most advanced screwdrivegiri or full ground up ? If full ground up then how come we expect indian industry magically to begin making advanced parts ?
    We expect Swedes/Americans to just throw away knowledge obtained by blood , sweat and tears , for a piddly amount ?

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    The million dollar question is – the F16 Production line is moving to Texas. That means Make In India is off the table. Do you really think Lockheed Martin can swing it?

    Between the two the one comparison I was looking for was ECM capability – who can sneak in closer without being detected if everything else is equal?

    India wins either way – that’s the good thing about two such matching choices. In the long run both will help create a vendor ecosystem.

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    It makes no sense whatsoever to buy any of these. If light fighters are required, buy more Tejas expand production to 32 a year from 16. If longer range MMRCAs are required, more rafales can be bought.

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    All this is a sheer abomination of STUPIDITY.

    Why oh why, do we need to buy an F-16 or a Gripen, when a plan to fit the Tejas with a bigger engine is already in the works ??????

    What’s more, the proposed engine, the GE F-414 is the same one that powers the Gripen being considered !

    The idiots in the IAF and Defence Ministry must be asked one simple question: If Sweden had a Gripen C and a newer Gripen (with F-414 engines) in the works, would they ever have considered a Tejas Mk.2 ?

    The answer is no. Their pragmatic Air Force, their (unbiased) media, and an informed public would shoo HAL officials from the airport itself. Its only here in India, that a biased media laps up everything that the IAF spouts, no matter how foolish it is. And an ill-informed public, blinded by Army worship doesn’t question anything.

    These Lockheed and SAAB officials must be sniggering behind our backs. Must be thinking they’ve really snagged a really good juicy one here.

    And don’t go by the tantalizing gizmos they’re luring the IAF with. India is not all that far behind in avionics technology that it was, maybe 20 years ago. The DRDO’s development of indigenous avionics for the Su-30 MKI are a case in point. The gap between India and the west has reduced considerably.

    More importantly, suppose a component for the Tejas is crucially needed, that it can’t be delivered by DRDO, then it can be bought off-the-shelf. AESA radars fall in this category. Even in data-linking ability, India has pretty decent data-linking suites that can match well with what the Swedes have on offer.

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      Sudip Das

      @ Abhiman: I agree completely . Whenever these questions have been raised , the folks in defense ministry, the IAF , THE STRATEGIC AFFAIRS EXPERTS and also defense journalists (including the website owner) prefers to keep quiet . I feel sad .

      Money has been spent on developing Tejas , why not develop it into a world class platform.
      If any DRDO & ADA (PRESENT OR RETIRED) PERSONNEL is going through this post should try to explain why all the technologies developed as part of project VETRIVEL for SU30MKI cannot be TWEAKED for LCA Tejas

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    Sudip Das

    Why buy a light single engine fighter instead of TEJAS , has the IAF decided to dissociate itself from the LCA project ? If answer is yes then both the defense ministry and the IAF should disclose why ?


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