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    Details summarised in a manner understandable for interested

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    This one if true makes sense. We should not think HAL = make in india.
    Maybe this way, we creating far more jobs in india.
    The world works this way. Not everything is made very where, but everyplace makes subs systems with critical mass, this one develops the skillsets.
    This technology transfer is bogus. No one will ever transfer knowledge we need to learn how to build things the hard way. Look at chinese , they built everything on their from mobile phone to passenger jets. Learn from them.

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    Hi you are missing Servo controls a Belgaum based company engaged in servos and sensors for all aircraft

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    Given the circumstances, its seems pretty reasonable deal. India gets half of its purchase consideration ploughed back in creating an industrial ecosystem, which can lead to future endeavors of building own jets and fighters. if we learn the hard way, we won’t have to rely on foreign powers who can arm twist us in time of crisis. HAL has done a good job buts own plate is so full that relying on a single supplier will kill the prospect of military-industrial complex, a primordial soup for creation of next gen technology.

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    Nrupan Sudhakaran

    It is high time we stopped depending on Public Sector to do everything. The Indian Work Culture, thanks to Politicians and Trade Unions, is once employed in the Public Sector / Government Dept to forget the work and working hours.

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    Venkat, Chinese learnt most of the technologies with a long term program that included-
    1. Placing highly qualified Chinese to work in US and European companies and stealing the secrets.
    2. By buying clandestinely materials and information, data
    3. Placing highly educated Chinese in research units and then getting them to work in Chinese enterprises established in China.

    So personally Chinese methods for gaining technology is not a preferred option.
    India needs and has, tech mind but institutions are built to serve the undeserved and hence these institutions lacks purpose and performance.


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