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    We the citizens of India do not want any more imported planes. We only want indigenous planes henceforth. From now on, no more dalals, no more scams, no more drama.

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      Then u srnd ur sons and daughters tied in coffins rather than brave young men and women as the nonsense made in india will not last 1 min against international quality enemy fighters. Look at that useless LCA the pilots laugh in private about !

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      LoL Indian citizen busy to watching shit Bollywood movies or killing each other for cow mata, indigenous fighter lol a country like india who doesn’t develop basic trainer jet never developed forth or fifth gen fighter jer, look what happened with teajs only 30% indigenous and never be a front line fighter jet teajs mk1, teajs mk1 a or teajs mk 2 or amca are shit and money waste program. HAL, DRDO and ADA does not have capabilities to invention new technology, only better options are acquire Rafael or go for joint venture with France or EU for next gen fighter jet but this is a india 99% people are foolish so watch Bollywood shit movies or killed people for cow mata and raped girls, chutia lok sale bhyiamen country

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    We want an Air Force with Plan B, Plan C among indigenous platforms, not imports.

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      like the 30+ years old tejas that is still under designing and testing phase? it’s contemporaries elsewhere are grounded retired, while tejas is still…

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    Ramesh : Why cannot you leave such matters to the Air Force Chief and Defence Ministry to establish… No longer is our capability to decide left to corrupt Political practices… The Indira Priyayadarshini Khan days are over and so is Sonia Khan’s days… We have committed Nationalists in charge who are capable of adopting the best brains in our Air Force to chart out our present and let NG term needs and goals….

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    the fact is this that right from first prime minister of INDIA to 2013 no one did anything to make a self sufficient country.. all were very busy filling there pockets , fooling poor people ..most of the wise citizens ran away to study outside.. its not a garment to just make it for the sake of making. everything here is chalta hai attitude! even a error of .00001 mm is accepted as if its after a ZERO. Everything here is compromised. even if there are aircrafts made in India there can be corruption. its a habit / disease on its own. it will take more than 100 years to set things on track. many generations have to waste their stamina.. just to clear all the dirt which politicians have done so far.

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    Noel Moitra

    There are too many factual errors in the article on the Rafale and the Mirage 2000. A/M Ahluwalia has forgotten that the Hawk ac we use for training is a frontline fighter for the RAF and that it is best suited to operating in hilly terrain.

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      Lel the HAWK isn’t used in a frontline role at all and infact only used as air defense fighters in the cold war armed with 4 AIM-9 Sidwinders and 1 30 mm ADEN cannon which were in fact meant to be operating in unision with the Tornado F3

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    Mig21,23 almost dead, we are left with Mig27, 29, Miraz2000, Jaguar and Sukhoi 30mki. Rafale and Tejas new additions. Most probably Rafale would be L1 in mmrca2 too as same vendors in fray as in mmrca1. Let’s build rafales in India and HAL to full fill existing contracts worth 1L crore.

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    Gp Capt Noel Moitra

    There are too many errors in this article which detract from its credibility. For example:
    “By most accounts, it actually began by a Congress government’s decision not to build 110 Mirage 2000 jets at HAL in the eighties, and instead simply settle for 40 jets bought off the shelf from Dassault Aviation’s factory in Bordeaux.”

    Nonsense. In 1980, the IAF brought to the attention of the Govt that USA had agreed to provide Pakistan with 40 F-16 ac, to be summarily brushed off. In 1982, the Govt was panic stricken when the first F-16 arrived in Pakistan. In a knee-jerk reaction, the Govt ordered 40 Mirage 2000 off the shelf with a follow on order of 9 as war reserve. 7 more were acquired later. As brought out by you, the USSR prevented us from making the best decision ever, had we done so then, of buying 47 and then setting up a production line in India. The IAF was wary of the intention to get the most over-staffed, under-performing, incompetent and inefficient aviation org in the world, HAL, to produce the aircraft. We had lost more than our share of pilots and ac to improperly produced ac.

    The Govt did not understand the concept of a two-front war and limited the overall strength of the IAF to 39.5 Sqns, the half Sqn to be the maritime Jaguars at Pune. This decision forced the IAF to prune its requirement of 126 ac to 88.

    I commanded 1 Sqn from 92-94 and in my tenure, 1 Sqn was rated the best Sqn in the IAF two years running. I handed over command to Wg Cdr Chopra. In 1994, a case was made for the purchase of 88 more Mirage 2000, and I drafted this proposal. I think I should know more than outsiders who have ventured ill-founded opinions.

    The IAF was willing to accept the 2000 H, as stated, but wiser counsel prevailed. Dassault again offered the entire production line of the ac and TOT to let us build as many ac as we wanted. The offer was rejected.

    The two-front concept was accepted and this led to the never-ending MMRCA drama.

    126 Rafale were to be acquired, 18 off the shelf (first delivery in 18 months after signing the deal). Since the number was so large, the IAF decided to upgrade TWO bases, unlike the Mirage case, where only one base was found to be adequate, with the ac able to move to 4 forward bases within a couple of hours, with a dozen ac stored elsewhere. In today’s online and technical world, proximity is no longer an issue.

    The critical point here is the cost of infrastructure. The minimum for the Mirage were a basic trg simulator, a separate twin-dome air combat simulator radar bays, laser equipment and bays, dedicated training aids, engine repair sheds and a remote run up bay, WAN, blast pens, underground bomb dumps, etc. The total cost of infrastructure was in the thousands of crores. The infrastructure for the Rafale will be far more than spent for the Mirage, and at TWO bases.

    Reading between the lines, the Modi Govt is aware that the earlier deal fell through because Mr Antony and Co insisted that HAL be included in the deal and that Dassault sign up that they were offering a guarantee of quality for HAL produced ac. Dassault, like Boeing and the rest of the world, considers HAL to be a worthless organization. They opted to forgo an 8-8.5 billion dollar deal rather than vouch for the sub-par HAL. I will not talk about prices and conduits, as I am only a professional pilot and blissfully unaware of such matters. I am convinced that ?59,000 cr is a reasonable figure which would be around ?53-54,000 cr had we opted for just the one base.

    We are certainly going to buy 36 more Rafale ac. We will stop at that figure because we are being saddled with the obsolete Tejas and the unreliable SU-30 MKI. They will make up the numbers. Incidentally, the Tejas is only 20 years behind schedule. 75% of that ac has been bought abroad and assembled in India. The SU-30 MKI is truly a sensational ac, if and when it gets airborne.

    A/M Ahluwalia has missed out the Hawk ac, a frontline fighter ac in the RAF and best suited to mountain warfare.

    In the caption below the first photo, please change it to read:
    L-R: Flt Lts Rajguru, Bhasin, Sqn Ldrs Swaminathan, Apte, Ahluwalia, Ambassador ACM Idris Latif, Mrs Bilkees Latif, Air Cmde T Singh, Wg Cdr Bhavnani, Sqn Ldrs Moitra and Chopra.

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      Thank you sir.

      Your post added more value than the blog above.

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    V K Varma

    V K Varma

    We must understand the philosophy behind making aircrafts. There is a prime assembler who is engaged in design,development,assembly,quality control,testing and certification of aircraft. Then there are vendors who make major unit assemblies like engine,avionics,airframe,armaments etc.
    These vendors also depend on sub-vendors.This makes techno-economic sense considering economies of scale and quality.
    To say that India should make every thing and produce aircraft is not a commercially viable proposition.Production,manufacture and assembling are strategies which have to be considered before taking a final call.
    There are cost implications in getting aircrafts in fly away condition,assembling in India and producing in India. No wonder we don’t have any manufacturing plant for Boeing and Airbus commercial aircrafts.
    However,we must have MRO facilities within the country.Informed discussion on this subject is possible if all the information and facts are known.

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    India needs to build its own military equipment or it will never be a serious or consequential nation ever.


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