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    The article talks more about the IL-78 than the boeing and airbus contenders. lol

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    Suresh Rao

    The erstwhile Indian Airlines had a fleet of A320s. Why can’t IAF acquire them and collaberate with Airbus to convert them into mid-air refuellers ??? If they are re-engined I am sure that they will give another 30 to 35 years of service to the IAF

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    On the KC-46 issue. For ~10-15MM USD you can pick up a 767 and have it redone as a tanker via Bedek/IAI. In fact, they have even sold a tanker/AEW combo version to a Latin country (?Colombia).

    The IDF has (or will soon have) a 767 tanker redone by Bedek which converted a used a/c purchased from the second hand market.

    The USAF procured used 707s for their E3 Sentries and Larry Page and Sergey Brin bout their private jet for $15MM

    Why do we need to buy new a/c at $200MM a pop?

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    The good thing is this enquiry allows IAF to buy used Airliners with sufficient life left too. Hope the deal comes through this time.


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