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    Before embarking on the Tejas Mk.2, Mr. Dhanoa (and his successors) must be made to take an oath:

    1) The IAF shalt not change it’s mind about any feature/requirement mid-way. The initial ASRs for the Tejas Mk.2 shall be held sacrosanct.

    2) If any feature is to be introduced / changed mid-way, I solemnly, and without contest, understand and humbly acknowledge that it shall stretch the time-lines. I shall not blame the DRDO for this (like my predecessors have so wrongly done).

    3) The IAF shall not be aloof through the development process like it did during the Mk.1’s development. It shall routinely fly and test the fighter during it’s development cycle.

    Also, Mr. Dhanoa should know that the JF-17 is an order of magnitude inferior to the Tejas Mk.1, forget the Mk.1A and Mk.2. If the Pakistanis can induct it in large numbers, why did the IAF nit-pick on the Tejas Mk.1 since 2011 ? Why the fuss over the IoC, and FoC ? Just induct the thing, and deploy it at Jaisalmer and Ambala !

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    Shiv can you share some inside dope on how the Tejas performed in Gagan Shakti and whether the IAF was satisfied or disappointed with the basic platform?

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    A fourth generation air force in ten years?
    300 Su-30
    83 T1A
    216 T2
    36 Rfl
    110 MRCA
    92 Jaguars
    41 M2K
    66 MIG29upg
    Rough figures, also assuming all Jaguars are upgraded – thats over 50 squadrons – but reducing 66 Mig 29s and half the Jaguar fleet, i.e. by about 100 – that’s still over 45 squadrons

    Shiv could you predict what the IAF fleet will be in 2028? Or is that most uncertain.


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