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    C-130J Hercules is doing what it should be doing….

    once again proving itself,mighty hercules is on frontline in rescue ops.

    I haven't Seen AN-32 till now in pics which perhaps tells us that the AN-32 is Obsolete in such missions

    INDIA Should by more C-130J's and replace all An-32's

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    My hats off to the outstanding work performed by Armed forces and Paramilitary forces. The Local administration is a total flop. I feel comprehensive disaster relief plan has to be created with army and paramilitary to be the key players and local administration to support them. I feel the helicopters performed very well as well as newly inducted C 130 J . The C 17 could have performed on this short runway with reverse thrusters. I still feel CH 47 Chinook would have helped more as it has very unique features to reach the edge of the cliff.V 22 Osprey would also have been a game changer and the armed forces be given right equipment so that the evacuation can be done as massive scale and the armed forces have the right equipment.Massive numbers of Tata and leyland trucks are needed which can transfer the heavy equipment and buses be placed at right point and more so a synchronized effort is required which one of the leaders did perform to evacuate his state people.The decision has to be taken soon on Chinook and osprey as they would be game changers.


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    i wonder why the old work horse of IAF the AN 32 is absent from the scene

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    The AN-32 load carrying capacity is 7.5 tonnes; the Hercules hauls around 20 tonnes. What would you send when you need to send in more than 7 tonnes?Horses for courses people!! Different classes altogether.

    Don't forget Siachen has been maintained to a large extent by the ability of the -32 being able to land in hot and high conditions on high altitude airfields log before the Hercs.

    I am sure if the air force could get an Il -76 Gajraj in there they wouldn't bother with any other fixed wing. In any case be sure the -32,the -76 and their crews are doing their bit and more somewhere away from the glare of the cameras, much as they have done always.

    Love the V5 with the near fuselage external tanks.

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    Rahul Devnath

    @Anon 9:12

    Yes, and before the An-32s and the Il-76s, C-119 held us at the DBO, and so did the Dakota elsewhere. Not discounting the An-32 and IL-76s, it would just be enough to accept the fact, that American aircrafts are much more capable then their Soviet design counter parts today.

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    The first pic featured in Sunday's newspaper as part of Indian Air Force recruitment Ad "Guardians of the skies"


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